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Deadlifts killed me today 😅
Next Level DFT is a DUO...available tomorrow at 1pm CST!

It will be two different applications. With better delivery system. Different formula. And will b
My journey: December 2015 to April 2017. A weight loss of 40+ lbs, but more importantly, I found my way to health. Sometimes you have to face the lowest of
It was aggressively borderline 😬 but Im extremely happy things are getting back to normal 🤞🏼
#shitthatwasclose #holdonfordearlife #bo
I think trying to get her to stay still for this picture took more effort than my workout 😂 jk! Today was long and stressful at work so I was happy to c
Just finished TWO ✌🏼workouts - my scheduled weight training workout and a fun dance workout to a little throwback Missy Elliot 🎶. There are also TW
The doctor told me not to lift weight at the gym. So after a month, finally going back to my regular routine 😍 in one more month I should be lifting as
Got my first coat of spraytan on ✔️ now its off for the big show tomorrow! And I have my body right where I want it! 💪🏽💪🏽
Went out for dinner a couple days ago. Server was about to put down a plate of spring rolls when 1 slides off into the ground. #butyousurvived ? I think no
Started the weekend off right💪Am I the only one who only has a killer workout if the #betaalanine kicks in? I swear I have to be super itchy to get a cr
The Bench press has different styles, from straight-line bench press to the J-curve bench press. One similarity
So today we learned that @l_bitty and I are not natural pole dancers but damn, it was fun. 😊

When a bodybuilder pole dances... I will definitely going
The greatest battle of all
Quad dom day. And a great one at that!
This little superset got the booty burning! •Stiff leg sumo deadlifts 4x15
•Wide stance pause squats 4x15
Both done with a 70lb dumbbell and make sure
FriYay Skrong! 💪🏻🙃
(15 min EMOM)
1 Power clean at 270 lbs each min. 
This was a clip of the last rep 💪🏻 I have never done 15 consecutive Pow
Best grip wrap in the game! Bought @jennifert11 a pair of @versagripps so she can match me in the gym :]
I usually use hand grip to help me on heavy se
Algún día de apoco la técnica tenía que ir llegando no
#cleanandjerk 123Lbs 75% Rm #crossfit #weightlifting
I dont genetically have calfs but Im training them hard trying to build them up... #insaneveinz got them pumped.. Whats your favorite #insanelabz produc