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Porridge with cinnamon frozen fruit and dried fruit this morning 😋🌱🍲
So pleased to be welcoming @finasvegetariancafe to 💚⠀
Finas Cafe was established on the 15th June 2011 by Steven and Chr
🎂 Tiramisu 🎂 my Husbands favourite- Soak a pack (about 27 ) sponge fingers in 4 tbsp of brandy and 4tbsp cold coffee (to your preference in strength)
Avocadomad og regnvejr👍🏻@atelierseptember #avocado #lejetlig #coffee #veggies #veggielife
Vegetable fried rice. Using brown rice, red cabbage, carrot, almonds, beans,garlic and sweet soy this was a perfect healthy friday night meal. Now to keep
Fresh Banana bread. 🍌🍌🍌My roomie and me already tried  some this morning. Best breakfast ever ! It is so fluffy and tasty. I really need to praise
Da hatte ich heute morgen dich glatt keine Sojamilch für Chiapudding meh😕
Gab dann Knäcke mit Veggie Aufschnitt. Dieses Wasa Protein ist wirklich leck
#FridayFeeling! Nothing beats homemade croissants for #breakfast!💚 Only if shared with friends maybe!
Big fat bowl of yummy goodness 😋🙌🏻
#veggielife #tofu #yum #comfortfood
Egg and tomato rice bowl with butter beans - a blast from the past, full recipe in bio!
Ziemniaki z cieciorą i kolendrą. Plus dużo kurkumy. Przy takiej pogodzie muszę jeść na ciepło. #kurkuma #chickpeas #cieciora #breakfast #ziemniakizk
Brunchini londinesi 💕💚 #vegansofldn #avocadotoast
Vegetarian Thali is always delicious! P.s. ask for EXTRA spicy 😙🌶🌶🌶 #vegetariandinner #indianfood #bhanusindian #veggielife
Petit en-cas frai 😋😎

Je suis toujours aussi déçu des avocats ... 1 sur 3 sont pourris ! Jai du jeter plus de la moitié de celui là 😣