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Do you like it? You can buy it! Engineered by/for survival/EDC enthusiasts. Be prepared!  #e
After last nights attack on Manchester, range day is a must! I only have one question... Are you #Vigilant? If not look up @vigilanceelite and get your tac
To date, 20 new Knifemakers have already registered to participate, for the first time 28th SICAC.  Gregory @gregory_verizhnikov ,Knifemakers of internatio
First closed end pen this thing turned out great! But in keeping with tradition I always keep the first one for myself. Give me a follow I always show new
Special Air Service Troopers On The Embassy Roof

The Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980 was a siege of the Iranian embassy in London after it had been taken ov
2 words Hand Cannon 🔫 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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☝️👉👍😎👨‍🎤👊Çok Fena Poz Vermişim Valla Öyle Dimi lan @caner_dervis ☠️🙃👊👍👈#Shooter#tbt#gunman #gun #closeprotection
My brother @1legion.uk_stretch across the pond is having a Birthday 🎉 Doesnt he look happy??? Just messing with you .... I hope you have a wonderful da