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Prep night includes Brussels Sprouts treats for Daisy! This dog freaking loves them! So she gets Brussels sprouts as a treat each night. :) I also am prepp
New night time treat! Its so good- I love chocolate thought. It an chocolate ice cream sand which wrapped in a yummy blanket of hard chocolate! Swipe for
I’m looking for MOTIVATED PEOPLE who want to CrUsH GOALS  WITH ME! 💪🏼🎉Less than two months until SUMMER! Time for a kick in the booty! 👊🏼
New kind of transformation pics over here and thats progress of my baby bump! Its pretty incredible watching it grow🤰🏻the human body and pregnancy
5 Mile tempo run to end the month. 84 Miles this month. Two years ago, If you would of told me I would be a runner.. I would of laughed in your face. I was
Over the next few months I will be sharing my experience with my fat loss phase... the good, the bad and the ugly. But most importantly I am going post exa
Legs......Done 💪🏽!!!!! Super sets HEAVY, in and out, no mucking around
Day 15/30... Yoga was on the schedule! 
It is so hard for me to slow down, stretch my body and relax!  Jay was running and all of me wanted to be working u
I bought myself a gallon of water to help me keep track of my water intake for the day! 
Water is so important for you!! So many benefits including: (but n
Day 7 // #LatePost - #MealPrepSunday wasnt too bad today. I actually still had a good amount of groceries left over from this past week so I didnt have t
🍃Theres something so calming and spectacular about being surrounded by nature🌱
A little pre bedtime snack--I havent seen Krogers own brand of Kombucha before and it was on sale so I had to go for it! I love the grapefruit flavor and
Just here killing time waiting for my hair to air dry... so figured I give @emannsfitwife the #SDS she asked for. This Snapchat Filter gives me life. 
Spotty hormonal sweaty mess 😂😂😂 really really pushed myself this morning. Quads on fire and shoulders about to give up the ghost 👻😂 but wow
Such a great belated birthday dinner with the fam today! This veggie salad was soooo perfect!! Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, peas, pomegranate seeds and avoca
Got my hands on the new @pescience flavor! It is hella delicious - the best peanut butter flavored whey I have had by far! But chocolate peanut butter cup
We are SO EXCITED to announce our May round of our 2017 is my year Bootcamp!!! 💞For those who missed your shot or maybe even your second shot, or are
Morning workouts got me good 🍑🍑 training glutes using the @ashybines squad app and finishing off with an abs finisher from @toneitup