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Beautiful customer & friend @CosettaRomani with her book of poems titled Emerald Breath heart of beauty, sensuality, depth & lightness, every time she vi
Thats right. 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Our Tiger’s Eye bracelet is a favorite when it comes to protective stones. Tigers Eye protects the person who wears it, especially during long journeys.
Summer sunsets are coming soon! Tag us in a summer photo you enjoy. Pick a style you like and well get it ready for our site. Love your summer, enjoy your
I strongly believe in speaking things into existence. Words have power, even thoughts. I believe in synchronicity, that everything happens for a reason, a
Runumuz URUZ, güç, eril, dişil. Bugün ters tezahür etti. Yakındır, kendi gücümüz bize karşı kullanıldığını hissedeceğiz. İyi niyetli
I know lots of people have posted this...but i feel it so hard...def cried a bit while in this space. So moving...#ruizdenieves #whitneybienniel #installat
Coping aka Self Soothing is All about Personal Preference!

I Encourage Everyone to Habe More than One Way to Release Negative Energy, Vent, or Express One