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This is a good one to live by sisters.. a true man of God is worth the wait and worth the effort.. dont settle for less. #God #Lord #JesusChrist #King #ch
▪️Silence is the strongest argument of Infinity, the Essence of Life, Contemplation, Meditation, as well as the powerful guide and a driving force in e
Remember girls, run from settle down your own problem is one of the most common mistakes in your life. Better settle it because everything happens for a re
Demon Skull-Angel in the corner of my drawing
@__bao_ mon ptit coeur♥🔥
Il y a ce monde stupide où les gens qui y vivent sont stupides et ne changeront jamais car ils ne connaissent pas les limit
Day 75 of #100soulscribblings - so Gabby has officially made it into my journal which means something is going to happen - who knows what - but something.
It was always clear to me that the more you strip away the clearer you see whats inside of you and who you are. A very hard challange for me personally wa
Church is still on tomorrow at 10AM!  Get in your boat and bring a life jacket if needed!  #TheRainbowWillCome
나이키 에어 업템포 spirit of 96

#나이키 에어 업템포 spirit of 96 #나이키 #업템포 #air #spirit #96 #아침잠 #pippen