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Can you believe that #thekinks breakthrough album #somethingelse turns 50 this September?  It truly sounds like something else for its time.  It opens wit
#MayVinylChallenge Day 21 - an album youd love to see played live start to finish #KanyeWest #MyBeautifulDarkTwistedFantasy one of my favourite albums eve
Record and Stanley Hollow and Round attachments for the Stanley or Record No. 45 multiplane. The no 12 stair tread attachment is still on the 45 plane and
Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin 1971
#MayVinylChallenge Day 20 (skipping day 19 as I have no die cuts 😭) Complete collection of albums from one band. Heres my all time favourite band, #Col
#MayVinylChallenge playing catch up again (skipping day 17 because I havent found anything written in a sleeve) so Day 18 - Favourite marble/splatter. I w
#mayvinylchallenge Day 22: never opened/still sealed. Im breaking the rules on this one... I bought this yesterday, but I opened it today, about an hour b
#RecordJungle #recordstore #recordshop #mont
@archenemyofficial has a new record coming out soon. Check out the link in the bio and make sure to follow us for the most up to the minute posts #archenem