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Our purpose is not to help ourselves, but to help others! Leave behind a legacy for others to follow! #othersfirst #helpothers #legacy #follow #notourselve
DO YOU EVER • find yourself amidst the most inspiring and deep conversations- when you are surrounded by those who truly get what youre saying or at l
Cant wait to start this account! I use Superimpose to edit 💓 ( Ib: @respectrauhl )

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So blessed to have woke up this morning!!! Be grateful if you woke up today, it means gods plan for you isnt over yet, youre strong enough to continue do
Read MALACHI chapter 3 every day !!
Memory Verse Malachi 3:10 😊
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Jesus knew His Fathers business. Do you know your assignment the Father has given you?
- Henry Pillai

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Hey guys repost this and tag @justinbieber in the comments❤ what do you think of the drawing?
And thiiiis is one reason why Christians are suppose to date with a purpose and God led. Dont nobody got time for all that spiritual and mental confusion.
My dream and purpose when writing it was for them. To all of my students (past and present)- You showed me how to connect and relate to the youth better. Y
Oftentimes in life we all have been told what we are not or what we cant do. Im here to tell you that you ARE who God says you are! Its past time we DIS
This message is for a friend, family member, or just a comrade. Do not make your pain a place of residence, turn your pain into power! Youre too valuable
Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.” – Arnold H. Glasgow #boss #girlboss #girlpower

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⏰Purpose + Passion 💪🏼☀️#purpose #passion #goals #positivevibes #focused #morningmotivation #lifestyle #goodmorning