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June is around the corner & so is the summer heat. While spring was a roller coaster weather wise, summer will be filled with warm, sunn
#chess #tuesday ✌️ better than tight culo 🐴 Tuesday at the cinema 🎟 w/ @bianca_ven .
Thanks to @dean.anotherphotographer for the 📸
Glitz & Glam👌🏻#victortalbots
The season of layers.
Ready, Set, Go!
🙋🏽‍♂️😴 #goodnight #scarf #dots #tan #minimal #face #grateful #positivemind
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A little look into the process of creating a mens fashion illustrations. This was an illustration of @giorgiogiangiulio
Cest lheure du repos bien mérité après 30ans de services cest aussi le moment de te célébrer plus que jamais et te dire a quel point je suis fier d
Attimo in cui mi lancio spedita verso la parete di specchi 💁🏼✨ #tbt from #pittifirenze ( meno male mi definite una tipa con personalità #social ,
Monsieur Etoa Mballa jean claude administrateur civil principal de classe exceptionnelle, chevalier de lordre de la valeur est autorisé à prendre sa ret