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It is a very rare medicinal plant. (Swipe left 👉)
Used as medicine in digestion problems.
Found in desert area .
In viaggio per lavoro, aspettando il treno per Carpi/ canzone/ ma cosè questo strano rumore di piazza lontana, una nuova tenerezza o un dubbio che rimane
. وقتی که این #عکس رو #ثبت میکردم تو فکر #جایزه گرفتن و #جشنواره رفتن نبودم
فقط و فقط به ف
My heart, which was stopped, started to move. It was you who attached color to monochrome me. I finally breathe and I can sleep.#nightshot #days #daybyday
We only get one life, we decide what we want to do with it, be happy and make the right choices, no journey is easy...believe-focus-workhard-succeed ❤ do
Have a nice day!! Villa Emma @ Malcesine-Garda Lake ❤️
Trail going to waywayanda went like half way there. good trails to clear your head over at pinwheel Vista. Left a little note go read it! Have a bunch more
When your assignment sheet says the event starts at 11:30, but you get there and learn it actually begins at 1:30. #ctphotographer #cannon #phoyographer #p
When I love you, my beloved voice, the sound I can never grasp echoes in my heart.
Will you be there if you cross this hill? I am searching for you, with n
breaking dawn. The city glows and shines.
Signs different from sunset. Shine from the front that it is a new day. A gentle, sign of mercy.#phoyographer #de
Last Saturday night. 🌙🎶