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#lamood 🏖🔆
The so-called Tuba (coconut wine) Man of Bacolod. Found around Luxur Hotel. Bought one gallon for only 60php.
#lamood 🏖🔆
يبدأ صباحي ب الحمد لله  على كل شيء 
و على وجودكم الذي هو احلى شيء في حياتي 💟 
ربي يحفظ
No matter how you feel
Get up dress up
Show up and NEVER GIVE UP
#blackandwhite #thinkingoutloud 
#happyweekend #lovers #photoofday
Magical place with a breathtaking view. Georgos tavern in the hills around Old Pyli. A secret gem that we perhaps would not have found without Irre&Smart