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Those kind of nights
Niente ormai sono zucchina-dipendente, le metto ovunque 🙈 oggi riso basmati 🍚 formaggio di capra e zucchine, buonissimo 😋 voi cosa ma
I have the best mum in the world! Thanks for the rapid shopping and delivering to work 12 SKYR and smoothie!!! 😉💋🍽
J29/S5- BRAS + FESSIERS -Ça y est jai ENFIN mes poids 💪 Finit les bouteille deau 🍶
Bon de base je voulais des 2kg mais on ma généreusement donn
I do love a good weighted workout - Ill have buns of steel if I carry on with this lower body workout throughout spring and beyond thanks to @jessicasmith
Coming up THIS Saturday is Double in a Day (woo!), where we are literally doubling the size of our class in ONE day! How?!?! Through YOU! This is YOUR oppo
Diet does not need to be boring and I love to experiment with new ingredients - mains, spices, garnish and sides! But my main protein source will mostly be
Working on deadlift form and sitting back further after bench feeling heavy as usual. Definitely need to up the gains game, my upper body seems to be affec
Dont miss our beach day this Sunday 🙌🏼 Delray Beach south end by the volleyball courts! Friends and family welcome 😎 #sun #beach #bocaraton #delr
When the lighting is just perfectly showing your gainzzz! 👏📸💪 BELIEVE in YOUrself and you are half way there. ❤ You can do ANYTHING you put your
The best project that youll ever work on is Y O U so why not make it great

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