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Yang patah tumbuh, yang hilang berganti.
Yang satu Pergi, yang satu lagi tetap menanti. #tsaaaah
How does your garden grow? 🏡⬆️
[2/2] ♡ #ourmomentum
Imissyou, Pogi. 😘 [1/2] ♡ #ourmomentum
squinting dog / silmiä siristelevä koira #pihlis #suburbia #sunshine #helsinki
This beautiful Und.Athens city guide, will guide you through Athens alternative art scene and neighborhood insights. Available in our Travel section!
#soft_minimalism 🌿
/ т e a  в a g /
Anyone else wake up this morning, slap the snooze button (a few times) and roll back over in bed? Lets hope this turns into the Fridayest Tuesday ever.