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Only two more weeks! Still need to decide what route to take from Illinois- the Alcan or the Cassiar 🤔? Wed appreciate input!
— our last moments in the ADKs were spent under the rain and fog. It left us with the most beautiful last impression of the mountain range. Im thankful
Une nuit de camping à labri de larbre penché, sculpté par le vent, sur une plage au milieu de la Nouvelle-Zélande... On peut difficilement rêver mie
The drop for this will be amazing! Way too stoked!
Many times throughout our lives we forget the importance of silent moments. Moments in which we can close our eyes and just breath.
canyonlands 👌
AT 300 | It was craft day on trail, so I built one of my favorite things: A big, fat trail marker.
Deep in the O/B Heights. 🚵‍♀️: @reillycooper
Memories of winter. (Kinda) t-shirt weather today,if not standing around too long. Have a nice pile of driftwood collected, so will have to start up the fi
There are many pictures of beautiful Hawaii to come but I had to do a break. Why? Because my hometown in my humble opinion is at least as beautiful as Hawa
Oranges and pinks washed over the sky like a careless watercolor, and the green-covered ridgelines glowed with an unearthly light. The conical spires kiss
Its always nice to just step away, refocus, and reset. I hope everyone is living well! Moments like these remind me that fresh new air is coming... ✈️