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gather up your laundry and dont forget the bleach, before this never knew you had a dark streak
- ☕✔
- photo by: @movingshades
- @artisan_coffee
That is very good. What coffee intake have you have to day? be sure that you tag us for a feature
#latteart #BaristaLife #BaristaDaily #latte #
This was a good day. Art galleries and pretty forest walks. 🌲
tempted to rupture tendons with boiling water because you sent people in who brought such fodder what a bother dealing with empty brained toddlers
Little bit of everything today😁
GM 🌞☕️ Cupview courtesy of: @simplycristina
Every time when the cup of coffee is served,  the latte art, as well as the coffee flavor itself, is like a masterpiece for the consumers to enjoy. The mor
Con lapprovazione del dottor ingegnere Roberto Maggio @prettygolddigger  #tulip🌷☕️ #firstof #alwaysimproving #latteart #flatwhite #starbucksstjohns
Günümün highlightısı🌟☕(Ve evet yaz geldi-🍦 gibi eridim bugün😬Iyki bu latte resim çekince iyice soğudu😌)
Higlight of the day ☕
Viernes 😘🌷 #roseta #latteart #latteartgram