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Had a great leg day with my brother and warrior @tinotheminotaur 🙌🏾
I stay putting in the work. Every day is a new beginning. I will not stop being who I am. I will stay on the pursuit of happiness, success, and giving to t
10 hour shift today & I know after that I wont go to the gym ..... so I made sure I got up nice & early this morning & did my required leg session before
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There is a difference between our true inner calling and our short term wants. Often the wrong people and the wron
Se ve tan única y diferente como yo. 
Sometimes you just go for that evening run to work off a case of Mondays!!!! Hope everyone has or is having a good night!!!
Ready Set Go Run con los Genios de Riestra Running Club + Ariel Pacer 🏃💪👊😂✈🍻️#BuenosAires #Riestra #Nrcbue #Nrc #Nikerunclub #justdoit #
É sempre uma honra e um imenso prazer dividir os gramados com vocês. 🐯⭐️⭐️⭐️
#hullcity #hullcityrj #hullcitystars #stars #gotigers #hullce
❓❓. Didnt 3️⃣ months ago, 6️⃣ months ago or even one year ago seem like just yesterday?  Well... three months or six months or a year from now
Haha...when you start feeling yourself before your superman strong workout. 💪
#superman strong #gym #workout #sixpack #legday #muscle #krypton #treadmil
H-3 menuju Ramadhan
Laut adalah tanda cinta dari Sang Maha Pencipta. Darinya, diputarkan siklus hidrologi untuk menurunkan air dari langit. Karena Allah
Precisamos de mais treinos como esse @lionschulz. Vídeo completo no meu YouTube 🙏🏻
PONTOZERO é uma técnica que criei e que pode ser usada em t
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Organisers today unveiled the official medal
Its really not as hard as you think it is. 1. Make a decision to do what YOU want to do. 2. Find out what the steps needed to do what you want. 3. Follow
Los lunes no suelen ser copados... y algunos, como este, no deberían existir. Correr. Peli. Casa. Y q acabe este día ya!! #lunes #netflix #peli #animacio