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This picture doesnt look real 😂 I can assure you that it is me though • starting to take shape now but il be interesting see the difference in me com
Eso me pasa por poner vídeo llamada con desconocido 😓😭😭 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Ich mache meine squats.. egal wo ich bin 💁‍♂️😂  #flashbackfriday passend zum derzeitigen Wetter 🖕🏿
#patriciaalamo_fitness buen fin de semana mis chic@s!!!!! Mañana sábado día 29 estaremos @robertodelamo  y yo en la inauguración de la tienda @musclecu
Happy #flexfriday 💪🏼
Im making a comeback after a sleepless night with severe stomach pain from adding 🍍 back to my diet (Ive been allergic for
Started my cut mid January. I have been doing it slow and steady to keep as much muscle and strength as possible. I think it has gone great. I pretty much
Bike 🚴🏼 to Hoofddorp, teach yoga, bike 🚴🏼 home 🏡, walk dogs, quick lunch, walk dogs, bike 🚴🏼 to Overveen, facial at @marjoleinp.huiden
About to throw your cravings through the roof! Reminiscing on this deliciousness 🤤
Dish: Tuna tartare w. Avocado and siracha 📍@thecapitalgrille
A change in wage can lead to all sorts of lifestyle changes, your health insurance plan being one of them! Get a free quote now & find a plan tailored to y
Gave birth to my first in November, found out I was pregnant with my second a couple months later. This is how big I got with my youngest. He stretched my
Restocking my stash 👌👌.
- @usnsa 100% Bluelab Whey (wheytella flavour).
- Lifestyle food peanut butter (no added sugar). - Natural himalayan salt.
Hola a todos 🙋 terminamos la semana con un plato que seguramente les va a encantar 😆, merluza a la romana acompañada de pimiento amarillo relleno -
Hat hier jmd #Pizza gesagt? Wo, ich sehe keine😂... Mach die Augen auf dann siehst du sie?😂
Bin ich blind?😣
Du sollst doch nicht nur in Scha