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Non vi posso garantire che vi riporterò tutti vivi a casa, ma giuro solennemente davanti a voi e a Dio Onnipotente: io sarò il primo a scendere sul camp
🎨 : @zeentreeart
Galaxy  Unicorn Frap?! 😄🌈
Tag or mention us at, #aura_arts for a chance to be featured! Were always searching for mor
приключения меня #aloneinodessa⚓️ продолжаются! только что увидела, что нагуляла 33 км! три
One more day ⭐️ @vesterio Photo
by Kelogsloop 🎨
the art of hieu
Artist / Painting
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 
@Kelogsloop ⬅
Two Worlds, One Ocean
Details: mixed media, dry br
I title this one Beauties and The Beast. A big thanks to the crew of @fastliferally!
Counting down the dayssss ☀️
We cannot know exactly what we love to do, until we have the chance to do it. I think we got to be open to many opportunities to figure them out.

_Maudy A
Kafam bu aralar benimle değil, tıpkı fotoğraftaki gibi.
Downtown L.A.! Enjoy the weekend wherever you may be! #mycity #la #downtownla #downtown