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This is a little old but I felt like posting it now because I was low-key (alright HIGH-KEY) proud of the hands because they look actually look somewhat
Good morning! 😄 Had the weirdest dream about me being stuck in a foreign country, chased by the police, accused of stealing my artworks from Donald Trum
I think my actual outlining is far better than my shading/colouring at the moment but Im still getting used to the markers... #promarkers #spectrumnoir #c
ono #sketck #crayons #instaartisr
this is shit sums up last months perfectly. Not much art, not much anything. Im working on some design projects, ideas come and go and Im just stuck. S
favorite Princess, or rather the chiefs daughter. After watching the cartoon, he has influenced me and I decided to draw her 🐳🌴 #moana #sketching #s
{{ when you go home early from work to go to the urgent care clinic because you hurt yourself at work and now have an acute muscle spasm in your lower back
#Montmartre #Paris для #архзарисовки_конкурс с @nailyabutusova по референсу со странички @lika_s
Не могу
Лис поближе...Очень понравилось рисовать,остановиться правда трудно,хочется прорисо