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Delicious brunch! 
Only 270 calories in this ENTIRE PORTION! It filled up a Yeti Cup! 
#berries - one cup
#almondmilk - #vanilla 
1 rebanada de pan Ezequiel 1 huevo
1/2 aguacate 
Lechuga romana 
Sal y pimienta -

Ezequiel bread
Romain lettuce 
Salt and pepper
Haii guys, besok liburan tapi ga ada jadwal mau kemana . ?? Terus bingung mau bikin apa ?? Nih gue kenalin cemilan yg lagi ngehitz 😋😋
Gampang , ga ri
Straks een uurtje Hata Yoga. Ik kijk er al naar uit.. Ik maakte deze aardbeien mousse deze middag.. Heerlijk verfrissend! 
#aardbeien #strawberry #mousse #
Happy healthy hump day! Great rule of thumb, short and sweet. I dont think shed be eating a whole lot out of boxes or bags. 🤔💭👵🥕🥒🍆🥑
Happy Wednesday 😁🦋 Today I tasted raw almond cheese, its very tasty 😋#raw #rawfood #rawfitness #rawbeauty #rawcheese #healthyfood #healthylife #h
Homemade chipotle bowl. Spanish style cauliflower rice, ground beef with taco seasoning, salsa, guac, sautéed onions and peppers, olives, jalapeños, crus
Emotional Assassins, Dream Killers, Destiny Destroyers. Such people will spew out negative words to you and over your life without any regard for your feel
Its been a busy couple of weeks, but at least Ive had time to #mealprep some #healthydinner. This was last nights grilled lean pork chop with zucchini a
Fuld drøn på disse dage, så jeg nyder en stille stund i bilen😅☺️ Jeg har mange bolde i luften, bl.a er jeg ved at støbe fundamentet til at arbej