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- Что может быть лучше, чем Я люблю тебя?
- Ваш бургер, пожалуйста!
#Еда выходного дня -
You know your getting old when the one thing you look forward to most during the week is Sundays farmers market and then an HBO show 😂. But its fun to
Di hari libur gini, jangan lupa juga buat sarapan buat memperkaya nutrisi pagi kamu!
Creamy Arabiatta 🇮🇹 spicy salami, roasted capsicum, kalamatta olives and a dash of cream in Napoli sauce 😍👌🏽 @saucedpastabar
A spicy jalapeño margarita cheers from this afternoons shoot with @parteabooze 🌶
When 6 greedy people order 80+ skewers....😅
Sunday supper around here always looks something like this... a big bowl of something comforting, classic and soulful. And nothing says comfort food like a
Good morning!
A shot of a chocolate drink. Captured with Nikon D5200 paired with Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G using artificial light from a single Yongnuo YN685
Reflecting 🖤 P.S this image is available as a fine art print on❕

#oliviaandthyme #stilllife #editorial #fruit #pomegrana

The Escape

#foodphotography #lemon #stilllifephotography
Potato Wedges 
These are my go to potatoes for my Sunday BBQs theyre super simple and can easily be done a few hours earlier. 
8 medium potatoes 
Sundays.... I feel like I have so much to do these days that Im not able to relax on weekends. A little bit of hustling, but hopefully not for too long.
We also had this wonderful Fried Fillet Fish Chili Sauce (fried sole fillet, topped with chili sauce) at Thai Cafe, in Irvine. YUM!!! Love the freshness of
LIFE + WINE + GOALZ. Chillin like 😎 at our new favorite HANGOUT. Today we became members at a new vineyard! 👏🏼 Weve been on the lookout for a new
For one of our main dishes at Thai Cafe, we had this wonderful Moo Krob Phad Khanna (Sauteed crispy pork with Chinese broccoli) and asked for a side of the
I went to Thai Cafe in Irvine the other night for the second time. I LOVE their food!!! Was so excited to find some great Thai food so close to work. 
We s