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I know that this week has been full of sadness, and Im really still so broken about what happened. But I decided to start my theme again and spread some p
En person man aldrig tröttnar på!🤙🏼😍 #pray4manchester #arianagrande #ariananator #dangerouswoman
That good shiii // idk why Ari deleted the everyday lyric video and the christmas & chill audios but idc, them only are videos and i respect her decisions
I already love this feed is going to look amazing.
We will not quit. We wont let this divide us. We wont let hate win. @arianagrande ♡
I never knew that you can have moonlight in your hands 🌙❣️#arianagrande #arianagrandebutera #arianator #arianators #ariana #arianagrandefanpage #dan