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Izhar @bob.izhar #sgabobizhar
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Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful capture o
One of my favorite moments from Jessica and Nicks wedding day was the first dance she shared with her grandfather 💕such a sweet and tender moment. Thei
So many good ideas have come from a cup of coffee..
Sunsets at midnight over fjords is something everyone must see. Thats so amazing! I cant wait to explore Norway again. 
Закат в полночь на
Everything began from this trip. I finished shooting weddings and went to Bavaria by hitch-hiking with 100$ in my pocket. After this trip I can not stop my
Él es bailadora. 
Oye, ¡vamos a bailar!🕺 ムーチョムーチョ!
BGMとコスコス笑える 🕺


#bunmovie #
As founder, @dennisschiraldi has poured his heart and soul into what has become DOYO Live over the past two plus years. He has created a mission to dedicat
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В Красной поляне традиционный сезон дождей. Мощный и пугающий и кажущийся бесконечн
Before making a decision, step back from it and consider it from a broader perspective..
-Animal spirit guides
Siempre habrá una oportunidad ante noso
Unch unch unch
Semplicemente Otranto ☀️
Лайк если любишь Макаруны❤ Макаруны или макаронс - изумительно вкусные маленькие фр
Today I choose Joy
Joy is not the same as happiness. Happiness is based on happenings
Even if the moment is hard and Im in the midst of struggles, I m
❣️❣️❣️❣️ buondì rieccoci con una prova su strada ... questa volta FINALMENTE TOCCA A LUIIII #GEMINI di #jeffreestar ❣️❣️❣️❣