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Quem disse que só se entra em dieta para competir !? De forma alguma , se faz dieta em busca de melhorias , para estar corrigindo pontos fracos e tbem par
Big shout out to this one and her amazing first few weeks 🙌🏼 shes been killing it in the gym and the results are showing! @linejunk 💯💯💯
Progresssssssss - Im getting excited about whats to come. Ive tasted it and now Im hungrier than Ive ever been before. Time to turn it uuuuuuuup 🔥
1 YEAR TRANSFORMATION ⏮⏮ -Yesterday I was feeling a little bit like I wasnt working hard enough because I havent seen much progress lately(giving mys
Snack game on point 👌🏻 who said dieting had to be boring!? @linejunk
7.5 weeks postpartum, our bodies are remarkable! 9 months of stress and change to grow a little human. Your body is not your own, I know some women just lo
Markløft: 135kg 2x4 
Benk: 82,5kg 3x3 
Prøver å få til pause reps på benken nå som brystet er smertefritt igjen 👌 får se hvordan det går ✌
Killing some chest and abs today!!
I love to see people being successful. I think too often we worry about comparing ourselves to what others are doing/achieving that we forget to be happy f
Whats for lunch? 
At #LYTfitness🔥 we eat like royalty. Everything we eat we want to power the cells in our body to function supremely! Oh you wear crow
Flex Friday ON A ROCK. Its still a thing right? 
Only thing I want to hit you with for the weekend is that we all set goals, accomplish them, and then try
Why did I design my brand new fitness program with combining to important fitness styles of group training and private personal training ? Watch and find o
What better pre-workout then eating Krispy Kreme on Super Hero Day dressed up?! They gave us a free dozen original glazed for how awesome our costumes were
A little #flexfriday and #flashbackfriday post for yall. Excuse the cheesy smile, but I couldnt contain my excitement. I kept thinking about how in less
2 miles.  Im coming for it. 🏆#bodybuildingcom #soccer #killinit
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The GW Apex Bottoms are part of our elite performance wear range. Engineered with excep
Barbell deadlift with freaking 120kgs, go hard or go home.
Father of all exercise along with squats, dont skip your deadlift and sqaut exercise on the the