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Ilha Grande, Brazil 🇧🇷| August 2015 #filmphotography #35mm #carpet #rock #beach #ilhagrande
Stay strong Egypt 💙

You have survived centuries, this will be another page where humanity lost its plot. 
Above is a slow shutter speed shot of the sur
Take me back... I could literally live on/ by the beach for the rest of my life
FOR SALE. From my Bella Vista Series. $5 for the print. $15 with frame. Only TWO prints. Shot #35mm film on RC print paper. DM. 👍 #art #artist #filmph
When youre all about skinny dipping but dont wanna catch a yeast infection
Cant really stop thinking about how my best friend told me shes moving to Montana next month. Heres a photo I took a long time ago of some new sprouts a
Carry me away
anywhere, as long as you are there
Sandalous // Leica M6 // #portra400 #35mm