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#kebunbuahmangunanimogiri #athantrip #18-22mei2017
Year #18 is in the books. This year I had the privilege to get to know some remarkable young people and to work along side the best teachers and administra
Cuando me estresa, porque si, ME ESTRESA!!! Pero que puedo hacer? Mirarlo así xd jajaja le incómoda 3 gracias por acompañarme en la tarde de este día
from saturday ❤️🎉 #18
Oferta!!! Combo para 10 personas, incluye: 2 globos #18 de confeti, 6 globos #9, 4 tassel, 2 pesa, 10 individuales, 10 aros para servilletas y 10 etiquetas
Just 4 more days until this chick is finally an adult #18
I can touch her butt now.. Legally 🍑😁 #18
Forever proud of my baby brother. Graduated Reavis High School on 5.20.17 and headed to the air force in January 😭 youre gonna do big things, AJ. Love
Мы за зрелищный футбол !!!⚽️
И поэтому мы принимаем участие в #headballchallenge от