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Official Snooki FANPAGE🤗


Official Snooki FanPage! liked x2 retweet x2 repost 1x😋 Snooki Fan Friday 2x😊 Official updates and pictures of the flawless Nicole "Snooki" LaValle🌸

havent posted in quite a while hope all is forgiven ❤️xo-m
I havent posted in a while because of the WIERD comments Ive been getting... I guess people think Im Nicole cause of my user BUT IM JUST A FANPAGE! ❤
what a super family ❤️
Ok... Just wanted to state something real quick I AM NOT NICOLE SNOOKI LAVALLE! NOR AM I TRYING TO BE! So just wanted to clear it up for the people who t
*takes a deep breath* ... *pause*... *clears throat*... OML NICOLE YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A FRIKEN MEME😂😂💓💓💓
Nics snap game is strong today💓 @snooki
Nics clothing line is honestly GOALS💓 @snooki
honestly perfect💓 changed my username cause nic switched hers 😂😩❤️
nic and Jenni shooting for #MomsWithAttitude 💗
Happy birthday to little miss Giovanna Marie LaValle💗 2 years ago today Sissy enters this world with a big smile💕 we watched her grow up on Snooki &
Congrats @stephanie_b22 ❤️🎃