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Official Revival Tour


An intimate behind-the-scenes experience of the #RevivalTour with Selena Gomez. Next up: Paradise 9/3

My favorite part of this tour has been how quickly we became a family! I didnt know a single person on this camp going into rehearsals, but instantly we
Stevies freestyle. #RevivalTour #TheRevivers
Meet Stevie. Shes from Bay City, Michigan and is 21 years old. She started dancing when she was 3 years old because her mom saw that she was always dancin
Act 4, Body Heat. #RevivalTour
Our first tour in Australia - thank you! #RevivalTour
Heating things up in Brisbane. #RevivalTour
Gave everything in Sydney. #RevivalTour
Its your turn tonight, Sydney! #RevivalTour
Night 2 in Melbourne. #RevivalTour