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Jake Paul


•Team 10, Comedy vids, Action, Adventure. •Biz: •Los Angeles •Dirk on Disney's Bizaardvark YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED👇🏼

Wow. What a moment.... the picture on the left is from 2.5 years ago at 6am, The morning I drove to Cleveland Hopkins airport to jump on a plane, to move t
So... @tessabrooks is teaching me to dance... and im teaching her gang signs #friendship
Chasin checks 💪🏼w: @imanthonytruj  song = Mask Off @future
Summer 17
We really appreciate you guys for worrying about us. 
Go to my Vlog to see what we found so you can see what happened. & Go check out the movie @Phoenix_Fo
Casual Sunday nights with @imanthonytruj
Sun kissed 📸 @samdameshek
We pray for the competition @ivanmartinez & @emiliovmartinez
Jake, why are you wearing a bandana like youre in a gang? .... no gang, just Chella this weekend.... duhh #HMLovesCoachella @hm_man
I just want you
I told them I would post a pic with them if they kissed @imanthonytruj & @imchancesutton ... here it is😂
Its a black hole!! (TAG 2.4 FRIENDS)
W: @tristantales @amandacerny @kingbach